Our monitors hummed,
and were glowing within,
in Hopes that Saint Nicholas
would soon "Modem" in.

Mr. Stinson hails from Boulder, Colorado where he is well known for his exploits which include: Helicopter-Bungie-jumping while wrestling an alligator stuffed with piranah fish..feeding an entire crowd at a John Tesh concert with only one bottle of Perrier and 40 olive loafs... (but categorically denies any and all of those "cannibalism" rumors)... All the while remaining true to his motto: "We cheat the Other GUY, and pass the Savings on to You!"

For folks they may want to view his Web Site

He is Proud to have Co-Authored "T'was The ~NET~ Before X-mas" and justs wants money sent to him of any size or denomination for any reason... ...or no reason at all.

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